2017 Artists and Projects


Art-O-Mobile – Lily Noonan

Art-O-Mobile is a 1967 Checker Marathon (aka Checker Cab) that I've painted with black chalkboard paint and I let people draw on it.

Big_Dreams_-_Primary_Image.jpgBig Dreams

'Big Dreams' is a project that hopes to shift the viewer's perspective on waste. All of 1 Man's Trash projects are done using 95% recycled materials that were headed for the landfill. The final products are large oversized dream catchers that invite you to have bigger dreams for your disposable items.


Bloom is created from discarded plastic bags fused together to create an inflatable large-scale sculpture. It is a site-specific project providing relevancy and hands-on opportunities to the visiting public. Drawing inspiration from children’s jumpers and bounce houses, its whimsical appeal draws the public but provides a clever message of environmental and ecological concerns. At scheduled times during the day, the project will be inflated to display and encourage the public to be contributors and makers to the sculpture.

For Figment San Diego, Bloom will be placed in a prominent landscape in Chicano Park. Inspired by community gardens, the project will be an artificial growth in the midst of a natural landscape. Community participants will be able to cut, shape, seal, and add to their plastic pieces to the large-scale inflatable sculpture. At various times of the day, the sculpture will be “bloomed” revealing the community’s ongoing addition to the piece.

Bloom offers an opportunity for civic art engagement. The attendants of the event can also be provided with an opportunity to donate their used plastic bags so that they are able to contribute to the installation. Ultimately the more plastic bags are donated, the more synthetic blossoms will grow over the course of the day. Through this process, it enables the locals to participate in a dialogue regarding the presence and the inevitability of trash, the environment, conservation, ecology, sustainable resources, and post-consumer product presence.

Colorful Creative Cube – Erin Bowman

The colorful creation cube is a vibrant haven of inspiration, relaxation, and interactive art. A 10X10 open display tent is the foundation for this artistic experience. Large canvas hangs from three sides, with interactive painting projects on the outside of each. One canvas asks, "What do you love?" and has blanks for participants to write in. Another canvas is painted as a colorful photo op/backdrop for picture taking. The other canvas is a blank mandala for participants to paint in themselves with paint/brushes provided. Inside the tent, people can lounge on cushions and bean bag chairs. There is mood lighting and surf movies projected on the inside of the tent. I will also have body paint to do face painting/henna in the lounge area. 

Comic Mythology Mural

An on-the-spot creation of a mural of superheroes, pulling ideas and inspiration from art and mythology! A massive mural of sketched-in color and white silhouettes will invite viewers to heigthen and  create characters based on the myths they see around them at Chicano Park and in art books around them on site, combined with materials to challenge how they create.

CommunityCanvas2.jpgCommunity Canvas and Button Design – Artists & Craftsmen

Join the A&C team to work on a community canvas or design a button to wear and take home!

Color Guard – Keith Fries

Demonstration of the sport of the arts. Using movement, flags, rifles, and sabres for artistic expression.

EveryoneAPrincess.jpgEveryone's a Princess – Meg King

Everyone is a princess, and every princess needs a crown. Using multimedia, found, and recycled materials and the general creativity inherent in all of us, participants will create crowns and discover their princess name! 

Funk_Flow.jpgFunk N' Flow Awesome Family Dance Lesson – Pop Secret

Come and let loose by learning a funky dance routine taught by Pop Secret. You, your friends and family will be learning a fun warm up to classic 70's funk music. You'll learn funk styles like: lockin' and poppin'. We'll then finish off the lesson with a dance party. Beginners are welcome.

BodyArtBus.jpgGiant Colored Blocks/Mobile Art Gallery – Joey Chavez

This sculpture will be interactive. The giant blocks will be modeled after wooden blocks for children. It will be presented with the intent to be interactive. Each piece will be sculpted out of card board boxes paper mached with butcher paper and paint. The giant blocks will be hollow and light enough to be lifted and stacked by a toddler but, big enough to be walked through and around. The Body Art Bus will also become a mobile gallery for the public to experience inside art outside. The bus itself has over 100hrs of airbrushing.

Heckety1.jpgHeckety – A Trickster On The Move – Tony Allard

Heckety is a postmodern trickster who does not perform for an audience, but rather, wanders about the streets and engages the public spontaneously in a series of what Joseph Beuys regarded as, "actions". These improvisational and context-driven actions are intended to slip the noose of overly rationalized and socialized behaviors in public and reveal the uncanny and poetic depths of the collective unconscious. Heckety's benevolent and non-threatening actions oftentimes generate humbling embarrassment, laughter and liberation from self-consciousness. His actions have the potential to entice the public into the irresistible freedom from the prison cell of consensus culture.

Henna_Habitat_-_Secondary_Image.jpgHenna Habitat

DIY henna exchange station and LED storm cloud lounge!

TheJourney2.jpgThe Journey

The Journey will take you places you have never been. Come alive in an ultra-sensory experience through music, lighting, design, and responsive technology. Create a personal or community experience. 

Love Letters for KD – Catherine Derr

Make a limited edition mixed media postcard to send to someone you love. Or you could send it to KD. She loves to get love letters in the mail!

Magnetic Table Drawing – Brett Kirkconnell

Take a seat and make a magnetic masterpiece on a couple of iron filing-filled tabletops that resemble a giant Woolly Willy.

Monday Morning – Jason Rogalski

Artist Jason Rogalski worked with students from the JCS San Diego Academy of Creative & Critical Thought to create a metaphorical game that plays with our on-task roles and responsibilities.  Using the tradition of hopscotch as a symbolic departure point, we will provide an experiential trial to be remembered.  

MovementIsBeautiful.jpgMovement Is Beautiful – Ace Fitness

"Movement is Beautiful" will inspire people to move by highlighting how regular physical activity can improve concentration, productivity and creativity. We will offer free 30-minute exercise classes led by local American Council on Exercise-certified group fitness instructors. During each class, a photographer will take images of classes and create a piece of art that shows the beauty of movement.

ReMixedInk1.jpgReMixed Ink – Rebel Dharma

ReMixed Ink is a live screen printing experience engaging participants to create unique printed art.

Shower_Karaoke_-_Primary_Image.jpgShower Karaoke

A bath-themed booth in which to host tiny karaoke parties. Sing from within the safety of a shower!

figment_MG_3455.jpgSilk and Twisted Aerial Arts in Collaboration with Aerial Revolution Entertainment

Free introductory aerial lessons to participants as well as providing ambient entertainment from aerialists from our studio. Come join us and learn how to fly!

StayStrange.jpgStay Strange – Sam Lopez

Stay Strange is a musical collective that brings experimental music to the public. For FIGMENT 2017, I'd like to bring an array of unorthodox electronic and acoustic instruments aimed specifically for children. These instruments would include effect boxes, metal sculptures and unusual percussive items.

Theremin Garden 2.0 Mini – Mattzog Bellucci


WebbedWorld.jpgWebbed World – Lucy Boyd-Wilson

Webbed World is a dome framework with a complexity of colorful stretchy webbing attached within the structure. All are invited to hang out, enjoy a wonderful world of webs, and add to the webbed creativity.

Webbed World is an opportunity for individuals to connect and experience the transformational power of communities. We all make webs and we all have unique contributions to make to our communities. Participants are encouraged to add webbing to the World and modify other’s creations. The Webbed World becomes a constantly evolving ecosystem that reflects the unique spirit of our collective community.

Wishing Tree – Anne Knox

Paper feathers will be provided to festival attendees to submit their wishes and hang in the tree.

Yes, and... – Ali Smith

"Yes, and..." is a theater improv project housed within a portable yurt. Participaudience members are invited to create scenes with each other. Topic and action prompt cards will be handed to the audience to help volunteers start and keep the scenes going. Supporting projects will include a table for waiting participants to enjoy coloring and ice cream.

Youkai Murals – Japanese Friendship Garden

Get messy with the Japanese Friendship Garden's youkai mural project! Participants will color in the outlines of two classic creatures from Japanese folklore, the intimidating namahage ogre and the mischievous chochin-obake lantern.